Client Testimonials

Monica’s testimonial, my first mother-to-be…

My husband Dave and I had our first baby in April 2012. We are so grateful that we found Kellie to be our doula and I cannot say enough good things about her. She was very supportive during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. This was our first pregnancy and it was really important for us to have a natural, non-medicated birth. We met Kellie through a Bradley Method class and it was great that Kellie was with us during all of our preparation for a natural birth. She was instrumental in helping us reach the goal of having a natural delivery without any pain medication. Her relaxation techniques and support helped both my husband and I get through my 26-hour labor process. She talked to me when I wanted support and she kept the staff out of my way when I wanted quiet. She helped me in and out of the whirlpool and massaged my back the way I wanted. She was there every step of the way during our labor at the U of Iowa. Because Kellie was with us, Dave was able to take a few cat naps and go down to the cafeteria during my time at the hospital and I was never alone. This was good because I think it was hard for Dave to see me in pain for so long and it was helpful for him to be able to take a few breaks. Kellie was able to make sure that everyone on the hospital staff (through 3 nurse changes) had a copy of my birth plan and they respected all of our wishes. She was such a help during the pushing stage and she stayed with us until we got settled into our post delivery room. She even took the first pictures of our baby and of us as a new family. After Baby was born, Kellie came to our home and gave me great advice about dealing with the emotional swings of postpartum and dealing with a new baby. Kellie is so sweet and calm (but firm with the hospital staff!), I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone, no matter what kind of birth they are planning. We would definitely have her attend all of our births but we moved out of state.

Katie’s story, my second mother-to-be…

As a first time mother, I wasn’t sure who I wanted in the delivery room with me besides my husband. Should I ask my mom? Or a sister? After talking with my husband, we decided that having a doula would be a good idea. We met Kellie Osler at our Bradley Method class in the winter of 2012. I could tell right away that she was a very caring, friendly, and knowledgeable doula. I felt comfortable talking with her about any questions I had while pregnant. She was great about emailing me frequently to see if there was anything on my mind. I felt very prepared going into the big day. When the morning came when I started having contractions, my husband called Kellie and she met us at the hospital. I can’t imagine not having her there. Kellie worked behind the scenes to make sure that the Mercy staff had a copy of my birth plan and that they followed it. She talked with the nurses privately when I couldn’t tolerate being on the bed and they worked it out while my husband stayed with me. Kellie had a quiet confidence about her and she kept reminding me to take a deep breath for the baby. She was there to help feed me ice, put a cool cloth on my head, reassure me, and keep my hair out of my eyes! It was really nice having a woman with me the entire time, since the nurses come and go, especially for trips to the bathroom. Also, my husband was able to take short breaks when he needed it. She backed my husband as my coach and he felt comfortable having her there with us during the most amazing experience of our lives. I had a very difficult delivery, requiring a vacuum and forceps, but Kellie stayed positive and calm throughout the birth. No one ever offered me medication as stated in my birth plan. I was able to have a natural delivery. Kellie was there to take our first intimate family photos. She was also there when I needed someone to talk to in the wee hours of morning postpartum. I would highly recommend Kellie’s doula services to any pregnant woman. She is simply wonderful!

Elizabeth’s journey…

The idea of birth was just plain scary to me. This is my second child and I look back on the birth of my first as a very traumatic lonely experience. I was determined to have the labor and birth that I dreamed of, and with Kellie’s help I am thrilled to say I had just that. Things did not go perfectly as planned, as they almost never do with labor. But this time I was educated, and had both my husband and Kellie at my side to help me make the best decisions for myself and our baby. Kellie was wonderful both before and after our baby was born. I highly appreciated the many meetings she had with us to get a feel for what we were looking for help with and how we could work as a team come labor day. We kept open communication the last few months with everything that was going on with the pregnancy. Having her to talk with, and get advice from, was exactly what I needed. I ended up having my labor induced, something I did not want. I did not want to have the pitocin and I know that I would have given in and gotten it a lot sooner if Kellie was not there encouraging me to continue walking and doing nipple stimulation. That kept me off the medication most of my labor which I was so thankful for. I believe that Kellie being there and helping keep me calm and relaxed played a big part in my labor continuing to progress and in the end fairly quick. Not only was she the perfect doula for both my husband and I, she took some great photos right after Eddie was born.

Marcia & Brandon’s story…

I am so glad Kellie was my birth doula for my son. Kellie is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and kind. She has a motherly way about her that I really appreciated.  Kellie was a tremendous help to my husband and I during the birth of our baby. When we were considering hiring a doula, I knew that I wanted someone who would help me to understand what was going on and to feel empowered to make good decisions about the birth process. Another important attribute I was looking for in a doula was a person who would not push a particular type of birth or philosophy; Kellie’s style was an excellent fit for what I wanted in my birth experience. I was determined to have an all natural birth and I couldn’t have done it without Kellie. She is an amazing doula! I’m so glad that my husband and I chose her to be our doula. 

Mary and Andrew’s testimonial…

Kellie is very professional, but very down to earth. My husband and I were pregnant with our first child. Soon to be first time parents, we were very nervous about the whole pregnancy and birthing process. She put our mind at ease and reassured us that everything would be ok. She would come to our home and talk to us about what we wanted in a doula and what we wanted our birthing experience to be like. I knew I wanted a natural birth, but I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. We did not have the money for a doula but Kellie was very flexible and allowed us to do payment planes. She met us in the hospital during our labor even though it was in the middle of the night. She also did a postpartum check up with us to make sure everything was going ok and to help with breast feeding tips. I would HIGHLY recommend Kellie to anyone. There is no way I could have done a natural birth without her. If we have another kid we would definitely have Kellie.

Testimonials from the Dads…

Kellie was a great help during our birth experience. She brought a calmness to the room during the entire process. Her ability to work with the hospital staff to implement our birth plan made her an invaluable asset. I would recommend her to any couple wanting to have a natural birth.
-Dave F.

When my wife first suggested that we have a doula during the birth of Henry, I was a little hesitant. I thought that I didn’t/shouldn’t need help, because I was the husband. But boy am I happy that Kellie was there. She met with us before the birth to discuss our birth plan, and to walk us through how she could help us have a successful birth. She answered all of our questions and reassured me that she was there to help and NOT take my place. Katie had a very long and tiring birth, and having Kellie there to help me with Katie was wonderful. Kellie was there through it all. She was extremely patient, calm with Katie and I, and firm with the (sometimes) pushy nurses and doctors. She was with us for the entire 19 hours at the hospital and even stayed after the birth to help take pictures and make sure that everything was taken care of. Kellie was amazing and went above and beyond what Katie and I expected. I would highly recommend her and encourage all future dads and moms seek her out.
-Kirk R.

How can I help you prepare prenatally?

Kellie was great with her prenatal support. She guided us to asking, not only our doctor but ourselves, great questions! If it wasn’t for her guidance, I don’t think I would have been able to embrace the beauty of a natural, non-medicated birth. Her help lead us to the most amazing experiences of our lives.
-Nikki G.

How can I help you as a Postpartum Doula?

I met Kellie for the first time post-delivery of my first child at the hospital and immediately liked her. As a first time mom who didn’t have much family support, I was anxious and nervous like hell. I had so many questions and self-doubts and was hardly feeling up to the job. However after meeting Kellie and spending only half an hour with her in that hospital room, I felt much more relaxed. Her confidence in handling the situation and her way of talking was enough to put all my doubts at ease. This was followed by few house visits by her to help me get familiar with the day to day baby activities. She is a very accommodating and punctual individual, which is something I really appreciated about her. It is needless to say that she is excellent in what she does and the ease with which she handles infants. The thing I really like about her is that I could really talk to her about all my fears and doubts without hesitation. She is not only a good listener but is always ready with reasonable advises and solutions. Another absolutely amazing thing about Kellie which I should mention is that she is very resourceful. All in all in my opinion, she is one of those individuals who are willing to make that extra effort to help her clients in the best possible way. In conclusion, it was a very good idea to have her with me following the birth of my baby and I would strongly recommend other people in my situation to do the same.
-Sarika G.